Microsoft Dynamics AXPP Content Extraction

Currently my main job is Microsoft Dynamics Technical Consultant which responsible for developing and customizing features in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

I was facing an issue in accessing my own work which i exported from the environments i’m developing on.

Microsoft let you export your project in format called *.axpp which help you take backup of your project for archiving or relocation.

This feature is awesome but the problem was what if i want to access the content of the exported file and extract some of my old codebase in the current projects.

For that i was re-importing the project in test environment so i could open the files in Visual Studio and extract the content i want, UNTIL ………

Until i discovered by chance, the idea behind the .axpp file and how to unpack it to access the data.

Simply, Microsoft pack the whole project with the metadata and code using LZMA compression algorithm.

If you want to access the internal data of the .axpp files, just open it with 7zip or Winrar and that’s it.

AXXP Internal Structure

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