Simple Yet Powerful Steganography (Secupad++)

From 6 years ago, I heard about technique of hiding data in images & videos called Steganography, it differs from Encryption because Encryption obfuscate visible information but Steganography make it invisible by nature.

Hiding the information in another files like images or videos makes the Steganography a powerful tools for leaking information without detection.

I needed such tool in point of time, so I searched the internet for Steganography tools and I found very good resources & projects on GitHub, but I wanted to learn the art of Steganography and how to build such tools for myself, plus I had some ideas to improve and make a simple tool for such application.

So I decided to build my own Steganography tool which hide information in images and I called it “SecuPad++”

SecuPad++ is a simple Steganography notepad tool which provide

  • Encryption using Simple XOR Encryption
  • RichBox Control to Simplify Adding Mixed Content (Text, Files)
  • PNGSlim Library to support Image Reduction & Compression

How To Use

Simply the two endpoints must have SecuPad++ and if there is an encryption key it must be shared on secure channel and later you can send the image on any channel secured or not.

Just take the image file copy in the clipboard and restore its content in the RichBox area in the software.

SecuPad++ has two commands

  • To Clipboard: generate the image with the hidden information and make it available in clipboard for easy paste in any other medium like (Email, Disk, etc).
  • From Clipboard: load the image which has the hidden information from Clipboard and reverse it and extract the information.


SecuPad++ uses simple yet powerful technique in Steganography called “Lowest Bit (LSB) Technique” which makes detecting Steganography with image analysis a very hard task. The drawback of this technique is that you cannot pack a lot of data in the image, you are limited with the space the image can provide for you, so if you have a big file you should compress and split it using Winrar and spread it on multiple images and then reconstruct the file in the other end.

Another limitation of this technique that the image is vulnerable to compression, so you should use a communication medium for sending & receiving image which doesn’t do image compression (For example Facebook, WhatApp, Google Photos, etc are doing image compression but you can use DropBox, Google Drive, Email Attachments as Medium which don’t do compression)


PNGSlim library provide multiple reduction & compression algorithms for PNG images and SecuPad++ utilize to compress output image.

You can experiment with the different algorithms it provide until you find the best algorithm for your image which produce reasonable file size but beware you must make sure that the algorithms does not destroy the information, so using PNGSlim is try and error process or you can leave the image uncompressed, it’s you choice.


Download From MediaFire (.NET Framework Required) (Password:


  • This tool is not maintained from 6 years and I will not do any further improvements later.
  • Don’t use it illegally, use it on your own risk.
  • Remember to use long password key for encryption for best security to avoid reversing. use password length equal or more than 16 character and with special characters.

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