Directory Tree Generator Tool

In my work, i needed to generate a folders structure to help the team to organize the work data, but i found that i have to create more than 1500 nested folders, and that’s hard to do manually so i tried to search for a solution on the internet for my situation but without any results so i developed my own tool to do the task, i developed Directory Tree Generator.

Directory Tree Generator

Directory Tree Generator (DirGen) is a small tool based on .Net-framework 4 that helps administrators to build any Directory Structure they want without any effort and with organized way.

Directory Tree Generator Functions

DirGen provide various functions to help the administrator accomplish his objective:

  • Read Excel-Sheets and Extract the Folder Structure Tree.
  • Generate and modify Directory Structure Tree in Run-time.
  • Generate the Directory Structure Tree in Text File.
  • Execute The Directory Structure Tree on The Windows File System.
  • Export Directory Structure Tree to Excel Format.
  • Support Command Line Parameters for Scripting.

Directory Tree Generator Screenshots

Directory Tree Generator

How to Use Directory Tree Generator Using GUI

First, construct the Directory Structure Tree. You can construct it using DirGen manually with the GUI or using Excel-Sheet Template then import the Excel-Sheet in the DirGen to construct your Directory Structure Tree automatically.

Import Directory Structure Tree from Excel-sheet

  1. Use The Included Template in The DirGen Folder to Build Your Directory Structure Tree. The Template Consists of One Sheet for Folder Structure, Which hold Directory Structure Tree.
  2. Import The Template in DirGen using Import from Excel Button.
  3. After Importing the Excel-sheet you can update its content at Run-time before Executing Tree Text or View Tree Text
  4. To View the Generate Tree Text Press View Tree Text Button.
  5. To Execute the Directory Tree Select the Destination then Press Execute Tree Text Button.

How to Use Directory Tree Generator Using Command Line

DirGen support Command Line Operations, and this interface can help the administrator to use DirGen in the scripts.

Command Line Formats

DirGen.exe –o "<output path>" –i "<input excel file path>" [-s]
DirGen.exe –e "<root directory path>" –i "<input excel file path>" [-s]
-oOutput Path For The Text File Which Hold The Directory TreeMandatory
-eExecute The Directory Tree in The Root Directory PathMandatory
-iInput Excel-Sheet Path Which Hold The Directory TreeMandatory
-sRun in Silent Mode [No Notifications or Messages]Optional

Command Line Examples

This line will generate Text File hold the Directory Tree in Text Mode and This Operation will work in Silent Mode.

DirGen.exe –o "c:\text_sample.txt" –i "d:\excel_sample.xlsx" –s

This line will generate The Directory Tree in The Windows File System in The Destination Folder.

DirGen.exe –e "c:\testFolder" –i " d:\excel_sample.xlsx"



Feel free to send me your feedback, ideas or requests for this small app to improve it and make it a useful administrative tool

10 Comments on “Directory Tree Generator Tool

  1. Hello, I would like to evaluate your tool but unfortunately the doawload link seems to be broken (it is not passing myproxy). Kr, Philippe.


  2. good evening Roofman, I just ended downloading it, without issue and your tool works perfectly.
    interface is clear, possibility of modification after excel import, and export possibility as well… top notch!
    many thanks for sharing it !


  3. Hi, Roofman. This is a wonderful utility. It has everything I need, except for the possibility of importing/exporting the catalogs in the raw text format. Sometimes it is convenient to draft the tree quickly in a simple text editor, or receive it from someone as a text message. It would be nice that the utility would have this functionality for import and export.

    Example format (tabs for indentation):
    Directory 1
    Subdirectory 1
    SubSubdirectory 1
    Subdirectory 2
    Directory 2
    Subdirectory 1
    Directory 3


  4. This is nearly the perfect tool for managing directory trees. If you found time maybe you could enhance your program and add a worksheet selection within one xlsx. So it would be possible to manage different languages of the directory tree in one workbook (worksheets for DE, EN, FRA a.s.o).
    Anyway, thank you very much for this piece of software!!
    LG (Austria)


  5. Sorry, another Question … How do your program cope with cyrillic, french, czech letters?
    LG (Austria)


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