Install X-Window System on MINIX

MINIX X-Window System

How can you install X-Window System Interface on MINIX ?

1) After installing MINIX on you PC or VM, Login to the system using your root account.

2) You must check first that your MINIX can connect to internet and fetch data from it (you can do that be checking the ping).

3) Now lets install the packages, to install all MINIX packages that will support you with X-Window System & more features write this in terminal

#pkgin update                           /*This line to update your package list*/

#pkgin in x11                           /*This line to start install all X11 packages*/

4) Now wait until all the packages are installed on your PC or VM.

5) After installation of packages reboot your OS.

6) After booting and login with your root account, write “xdm” in terminal and wait for while until the interface load.

7) To login to the interface use your root account (Username: root – Password: blank)

18 Comments on “Install X-Window System on MINIX

  1. does it mean to make Minix as GUI ??
    i have a Minix OS version and when i boot it just black screen orders (Terminal) is it right ??


    • exactly, how to make MINIX have GUI to help deal with the OS easier.

      And If you installed the standard MINIX the interface will be the Terminal (Black Screen) and to install the GUI Interface follow this post steps.


  2. I’ve a problem: I can’t login to xdm. On minix I’ve username root and no password but on xdm I can’t login with root and no password… What is not right on my doing?


      • A recent update does not allow blank password in xdm. Use “passwd root” to change your root password to something non-blank and then try.


  3. Hi,
    I installed Xwindows succesfully but I am uable to login through GUI.
    could you please give details of login.

    I used login:root
    but it is not working


  4. i tried to login using “root” as user and password blank and non-blank, but it’s not working 😦


  5. Hi,I am getting some messge which i have typed here please help me overcome this issue.

    x11 is not available in the repository
    calculating dependencies…done
    nothing to do


  6. Hello guys!
    I’ve installed x11 on my minix 3.2,1 successfully, but when I want to get into nano text editor or using gcc within x11 I simply cannot. I’ve installed those packages along with x11 but I cannot using them.
    Please, help


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