Advanced Scraper

I was working on a personal project (Machine Learning) required to scrape public data to train my model.

After doing intensive search on the web i didn’t find any powerful scrapper which can get the information i want so i decided to develop one.

My scrapper is advanced because it’s scrape almost all the public information from very fast and can scrape the whole website offline for BI Analysis, Machine Learning or any other purpose.

The scraper can scrape the whole in 1~2 days at max on regular internet speeds (4mb~16mb) if you have more bandwidth it will be more faster and less time.

Scraper Model Scrapped Model Scrapped Model
  • Categories
  • Products (Bundles, Related Products, Attributes, Configurations)
  • Sellers
  • Reviews & Rating (Seller, Products)
  • Product Delivery

The project is functional but not yet completed but it’s a reference for more advanced scrappers can be built using it.

It’s now opensource and can be accessed on GitHub

Scraper at Operation Video

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