Complie and Emulate uCLinux on Your Linux (Ubuntu)

When i was participating in Space Technology Program (STP) to develop a Nano-Satellite or Cube-Satellite for students, the development stuff asked everyone in the team to start search in the Embedded Operating Systems to install it on the hardware.

My task was to focus in uCLinux OS and FreeRTOS and study them, and in this topic i will show you how to emulate uCLinux on your pc before installing it on the hardware, to help you understand it first and develop small programs on it.

Introduction to uCLinux

  • Definition: μClinux was a fork of the Linux kernel for microcontrollers without a memory management unit (MMU).
  • Popular Supported Architectures
    2. Freescale m68k, aka Motorola 68000 family
    3. MIPS
    4. Motorola ColdFire
    5. Xilinx MicroBlaze

In this post i will choose the architecture of ARM7 to compile and emulate uCLinux on it.

Compilation & Installation Environment:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 8.04 or later.
  • Compiler: arm-gcc
  • Emulator: Skyeye

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