Alien Isolation: Solve The Random Crash on Low Specs PCs

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

I’m a huge fan for the Horror/Sc-Fi game Alien Isolation, but i faced a serious problem after i downloaded this game on my low specs PC.

The game designed to work correctly on DirectX11 & Powerful Graphic Cards, and if you don’t meet these requirements, you will face a random frequent crashes during the game that will make your life as Hell.

So i tried to figure out how to solve the problem so i can play the game normally without any crashes, and i figured out a solution.

The problem comes from the Engine Settings file in “<Game-Path>\Data\Alien Isolation.xml”.

This file simply have the configurations for the game graphics parameters, and these parameters configured to be compatible DirectX11 and to provide you the best game experience even in the lowest options but these configurations will make your graphic card unstable cause the graphic card don’t have the power to handle such configurations.

So the solution is to change some of these configurations so it can meet with your graphic card capabilities.

Of course this will downgrade the game graphics a little bit but you will gain that the game will be stable and you can enjoy it.

Note: this manual enable you to run the game on DirectX10 too, but you must have at least 4-Core Processor cause the game switch on software acceleration.

FYI, this solution is working on my Laptop that have Intel Graphic card and it’s working fine.


1) First make sure that you have the latest DirectX Redistributable from Microsoft & Setup it.

2) Open Run and run this command “dxcpl.exe”


3) Add the game executable file into the Scope List and then enable “Force WARP”

4) Open Engine Settings file in “<Game-Path>\Data\Alien Isolation.xml” using Notepad++

5) Search for this section <Setting name="Level of Detail">

6) Modify this red line with the green line.

  • <Quality name="Low" float="0.6" precedence="1"/>
  • <Quality name="Low" float="0.2" precedence="1"/>

7) Search for this section <Setting name="Streaming Texture Heap Size">

8) Modify this red line with the green line.

  • <Quality name="Default" int="300" precedence="1"/>
  • <Quality name="Default" int="128" precedence="1"/>

9) Search for this section <Setting name="ShadowMapping">

10) Add this green line in the end of this section.

  • <Quality name="Very Very Low" int="1" precedence="6"/>

11) Search for this section <Setting name="ShadowMapResolution">

12) Modify this red line with the green line.

  • <Quality name="512" int="512" precedence="1"/>
  • <Quality name="100" int="100" precedence="1"/>

13) After that save the file.

14) Open the game, go to options, video and then set

  • Shadow Map Resolution = 100
  • Shadow Mapping = Very Very Low
  • And set all others parameters to the lowest value

15) Close the game and open it again and enjoy.

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