How To Fix Bad Sector in Your PC [Windows]

For 10 days i faced critical problem on my private server storage hard-disk, the system failed and it can’t fix itself automatically because of bad sectors in the operating system partition in my case the operating system was windows.

I learned something from this experience that there is no fixing to bad sector the operating system just mark the sector as bad sector and remap the sector in other sector on the storage, that’s mean when your hard-disk reach a certain level of bad sectors you must replace it with new hard-disk.

To help the system to recognize the bad sectors and remap them on windows you must do check on the entire partitions on your pc to make sure that all bad sectors are mapped in the system.


1) Backup your data if you have external storage just for security – You can use Ubuntu Live CD to do that [Optional].

2) Open Command Prompt on running Windows or From Windows Setup CD choose repair tools and open it.

3) Use the command “chkdsk /r /f<partition>” to scan the partition for detecting and remapping the bad sectors.

[ Example: chkdsk /r /f c: ]

4) Repeat the previous step on all partitions you have.

5) If the system still down then you must backup the operating system partition and format it and repeat the previous steps when you install new system to make sure that all bad sector remapped again on the new system.

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