Future Life Series: Claytronics Technology

What is Claytronics ?

Clayrtonics is nanometer-scale computers or robots called claytronic atom or catom, and this catoms can interact with each other to form 3D-Object that human can interact with.

Sometimes they call Claytronics a Programmable Matter cause in that case we can program this catoms to perform many shapes just change the program that role this matter.

What is Claytronics Applications ?

  • Telecommunication
  • Human-Computer Interfaces
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • More

What is Catom ?

Catom is the main component in the Clayrtonics Concept, it’s the atom of Claytronic structure.

Catoms can move in the 3-Dimensions relative to each other, and they can communicate with each others to create the 3D-Object that the program have.

Catom consist of:

  • CPU
  • Network Device
  • Single Pixel Display
  • Sensors
  • Onboard Battery
  • Connectors to adhere to another catoms

How they program this Catoms ?

Researches can develop software for catoms using two new programming Languages developed by Carnegie Mellon University

Videos to this Technlogy


Carnegie Mellon – Claytronics Project

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